Forklift Servicing & Parts

Lift Technology Ltd also offer a complete maintenance service to ensure your forklifts are safe, reliable and efficient. We are experts in all aspects of forklift maintenance and regularly service the forklifts in our warehouse. We are meticulous in our work, ensuring each forklift is maintained to the highest standard. Our maintenance and repair services and fast and efficient, completing our work in minimal time without compromising on quality. If required we can send out a replacement forklift.

Lift Technology Ltd also stock all relevant parts and accessories for our forklifts at competitive prices.

Forklift Servicing

A key component of our forklift offerings is our maintenance and repair service. We have a dedicated team experienced in all types of forklift servicing work who can call out to your site to perform repairs, if required. Lift Technology Ltd are renowned for our customer care – we always aim to complete our work in an efficient manner ensuring our customers experience minimal disruption. If your forklift is badly damaged or requires a longer repair time we can also secure a replacement for you.

Forklift Parts

At Lift Technology Ltd we stock an extensive range of parts and accessories for all types of forklifts. Our skilled team are always available to advise on which parts are best suited to your needs and budget. All forklift parts offered by Lift Technology Ltd are competitively priced.

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Forklift Parts FAQ

  • What are the parts of a forklift called?

    A forklift consists of several essential parts, each serving a specific function. Here are some of the main parts of a forklift:

    1. Forks: These are the two arms that extend from the front of the forklift and slide under the pallet or load for lifting.
    2. Mast: The vertical assembly on the front of the forklift raises and lowers the load. It consists of interlocking rails or channels.
    3. Lift Cylinder: The hydraulic cylinder responsible for raising and lowering the mast.
    4. Carriage: The component to which the forks are attached. It moves up and down the mast and provides support for the load.
    5. Load Backrest: A vertical metal plate attached to the carriage prevents the load from shifting backwards toward the operator.
    6. Counterweight: Located at the rear of the forklift, it helps balance the weight of the load being lifted.
    7. Overhead Guard: A protective structure over the operator's compartment to shield them from falling objects.
    8. Tires: Forklifts typically have either cushion tires (ideal for indoor use on smooth surfaces) or pneumatic tires (better for outdoor use on rough terrain).
    9. Operator Compartment: The area where the driver operates the forklift. It includes the seat, controls, steering wheel, and other instruments.
    10. Steering Wheel: Used to control the direction of the forklift.
    11. Dashboard/Control Panel: Displays vital information about the forklift's status, such as fuel level, battery charge, and operational indicators.
    12. Brake Pedal and Accelerator: Control the speed and stopping of the forklift.
    13. Transmission: Typically automatic, it controls the forklift's movement and speed.
    14. Engine/Power Source: Forklifts can be powered by internal combustion engines (gasoline, diesel, or propane) or electric batteries.
    15. Hydraulic Pump: Powers the hydraulic system, which is essential for lifting and tilting operations.
    16. Tilt Cylinder: Allows the forks to tilt forward or backwards to accommodate the load.
    17. Stabiliser Legs (Optional): Extend from the sides of the forklift to provide extra stability when lifting heavy loads.

    Understanding these components is crucial when shopping for replacement parts.

  • Does Lift Technology replace all types of forklift parts?

    Yes, we can offer replacements for all types and brands of forklifts. We stock both engine forklift parts and electric forklift parts. When you need forklift parts in Ireland, please get in touch with us today.