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Forklift Hire Dublin

Lift Technology have a variety of refurbished forklifts available to hire in Dublin with sizes varying from 1-30tonne gas, electric or diesel forklifts.

All forklifts are sourced from trusted suppliers and maintained to the highest standard, ensuring our customers receive a high-quality forklift. If you are unsure about the type of forklift you require, we are always available to provide practical advice on which truck we think would best suit your needs.

If you have a unique request we can visit your site and advise which forklift is suitable to your needs. Short term or one off hires are available and we can provide a driver for any forklifts when required.

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Benefits Of Our Forklift Hire Dublin Service

Lift Technology stock a range of high-quality forklifts available to hire. The benefits of forklift hire include:

  • Availability for short or long term periods

  • Drivers also supplied if needed for rental period

  • No financial responsibility of an outright purchase

  • Variety of fork specifications for all handling requirements

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Are you seeking dependable and effective forklift rental services? Do you need a top-notch forklift rental company in Dublin with unparalleled industry expertise? Look no further than Lift Technology Limited! We recognise the critical importance of finding the perfect forklift to meet your material handling requirements.


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